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For many years, I’ve been familiar with the word, “soaking”, in regards to spending time with the Lord, perceiving His presence and simply basking in it and¬†worshiping. At times I have an intense craving for being in His Presence and I so enjoy closing my door, turning on the music and just basking; with time being of no importance at all. It’s the place where ‘As I wait upon the Lord, I will rise up with wings like eagles, so I can run and not grow weary, where I can start walking and not faint” ¬†Isaiah 40:31

I want to crave Him like that all the time. I DO want to desire Him more than anything else.

My human nature, my flesh, my ‘old man’, so-to-speak, often convinces me with so many excuses as to why I cannot schedule that segment of time into my schedule. I can justify almost anything. And then I live with the consequences of neglecting the Life Giver and the Bread of Life, My Comforter and Counselor and the Giver of Perfect Peace.

I upbraid myself when after-the-fact, I realize that I’ve sacrificed peace and soul-rest for chaos, stress and unrest. But our God is a Redeeming God and I simply need to stop, turn around, repent and run into His Presence again. His arms are never not opened to us.

Today I was gifted with finding a 5 minute audio devotional called, Living The Upgraded Life in a devotional soaking set by Graham Cooke. And oh, I was immediately drawn into God’s Presence and it felt as if I was lifted up to another dimension.

I want to gift you also with this. Please carve out 5 private, undistracted minutes sometime soon, to listen, to be still, to open yourself up, to receive and to be loved on and ministered to by the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. [link is above underlined and bold]

Please share in our comments if you did and perhaps how you were ministered to.

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