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I am a Canadian married to an American and living in the USA, therefore US Thanksgiving occurs a month after Canadian Thanksgiving (October). It seems each Canadian Thanksgiving, a sadness of sorts creeps over me for a few days as I would like to be in my parents home, gathered with my family on that occasion. For some reason, the most meaningful holiday all year is Thanksgiving. For me it is a tangible, cognizant time of contemplation, soul-searching and celebration. I find it is a time of year when I truly draw close to God in relationship.

I don’t decorate much for other seasons or celebrations but I REALLY love to decorate for Autumn and Thanksgiving. I want to make a public proclamation in my neighborhood and present a reminder to¬†BE THANKFUL. I even get my beagle involved ūüôā [More posting below photos]…

For a while now, I’ve been practicing the daily habit of Thanksgiving. I do it immediately upon opening my eyes in the morning, it’s very easy to do when I am outdoors in nature, which I am each morning for an hour (dog walking/jogging), during dog walking (my p/t job), cycling (trying to be consistent and cycle 10 mi/day) and then during the early evening physical activity (cycling, hiking or dog jogging).

When I find myself complaining in my ‘inner chatter’ about something, the Holy Spirit is so faithful to remind me to focus on the positive, so once again I declare with my voice things that I am thankful for. From time to time I even apply grace to find something to be thankful for¬†midst¬†the event that I’m not all so pleased about. This habit I’m trying to form takes deliberate intention and it is becoming more natural.

I find that as I practice this, my soul fills with joy, I smile more, I like to worship more and I am participating less in my chronic besetting sins, one of them seeing the glass half empty rather than half full. This week seemed extra challenging to me and I found myself grumbling profusely in my inner chatter. When I noticed how my body and emotions were reacting and ‘being’ when I involved myself in this, it is then that I ‘picked myself up by the bootstraps’, so-to-speak and once again turned my focus to “what is beautiful, right, pure, lovely, trustworthy…”¬†Philippians 4:8.

I am finding when the enemy brings accusations to my mind, whether that accusation is against myself or someone else, and then a judgement forms,¬†I MUST¬†“submit myself to God and resist this with the Word of God” ¬†James 4:7. I also do this with praise and thanksgiving. When I do, truly the heaviness and condemnation lifts and my heart is once again light.

When choosing my post title this morning, the word¬†‘cognizant’¬†came to mind. I went to the dictionary to verify that word.

Cognizant: having specified facts or feelings impressed on the mind

Related words: aware, mindful, alert, attentive, careful, cautious, heedful, observant, open-eyed, regardful, vigilant, wary, watchful, wide-awake, hyperaware, hyperconscious.

Does reading these words also cause you to say, WOW! ?, like I am? This is the point of what Scripture is speaking of, I believe. It certainly made a deep impression on me. It helped bring the prominent and substantial truth to me about how ‘hyperconscious’ and ‘vigilant’ I am to be to “follow after the Spirit and not the flesh/corrupt nature¬†Romans 8:13

It’s all about P.R.A.C.T.I.C.E. isn’t it? A deliberate, intentional choice, effort [the active use of energy in achieving a result]¬†to produce a habit, whether its the habit of thanksgiving or resisting being negative or critical.

How I thank God for the gift and presence of His Holy Spirit to us who are His! Aren’t you?

This morning on Facebook, a friend posted a link to a site for a 21-day gratitude challenge. I decided to participate. Will you also?

US Thanksgiving is 21 days away; let’s get started! Invite a friend to participate with you or to be accountable with. If you decide to participate, will you let us know on¬†my Facebook page¬†so we can all be accountable together and pray each other through the next 21 days?

I’ll leave you with this lovely song by¬†Don Moen: Thank You¬†Lord¬†to help you get started!


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