This photo was taken this morning while I walked my Beagle in a nearby park. I am fascinated by dew drops and enjoy trying to take interesting angles of the drops while on plants.

I began to ponder what a Biblical analogy of dew might be.

“As the dew covers a plant, the plant absorbs the life-giving substance through its leaves, giving it what it needs to survive another day. Without this daily source of water, plants will not endure until the latter rains in the autumn.
From a biblical point of view, what does “dew” mean? Dew is used to refer to blessings, favor, prosperity,
resurrection, long life, and to describe how an army covers the earth.
It can also describe how an eagle covers her young or how God covers His people.
We can see a well-known example in Isaac’s blessing of Jacob in Genesis 27:28:
“Therefore may God give you of the dew of heaven, of the fatness of the earth, and plenty of grain and wine.”

 Personally: I certainly need the life-giving dew of  heaven: His precious Holy Spirit. Otherwise I quickly become a dry and withered soul. I need His refreshment and watering every day, if not every moment.

As dew is the refreshing and invigorating of plants in nature, so is the Holy Spirit my greatest and only source of refreshment and invigoration of my soul and spirit. As plants will quickly wither and dry without moisture (dew/rain), so will my inner spiritual being quickly wither and dry. Thinking on this causes me to turn to John 15:1-16 : The Vine and the Branches

Let us all press into Him to receive that precious nourishment of our souls and infilling of  His Holy Spirit.

More references to dew:

The Dew of Heaven, James Smith 1861

Jewish Encyclopedia, Dew; Biblical Data


Is it perhaps time to revive YOUR marriage? 

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  • Friendship
  • Praise
  • Your Sex Life

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“My homemade Miso, Salmon, Tofu, Beansprout Soup” 

We could look on the outward appearance of this soup cup and read “Cambells” and see the soup in the cup and assume it is Campbell’s soup too, but unh unh, it is not.

Being an unwilling insomniac [meaning, I wish I could sleep through the night but it simply doesn’t happen], like so many nights, instead of languishing in bed, restless and wishing I could fall back asleep; instead I get up and try to do something productive. Being quiet with the Lord is always my first desire. And sometimes that can cause me to feel sleepy enough [no offence Lord, but Thank you!] to return to bed. 

Other times I’ve got upcoming, due or overdue assignments to complete so that is what I tackle; ie: articles for Examiner.com, adding new products or updates to a web page, making a new blog post entry, editing photos etc. 

Tonight I awoke near 3pm and as usual, tried to fall back asleep; to no avail. It’s frustrating when I still feel tired and really would like to get my sleeptime in during the night so as not to have to nap during the daytime. So I got up intending to complete a blog post [not this one; this one was a by-product]. 

So once up, I feel gnawings of hunger because I skimped on food yesterday. What to eat, what to eat – so that I feel satiated. Need protein. Ah, I remember the Miso soup I made yesterday. I wasn’t all that crazy about it’s flavor even though I doctored and doctored it with herbs etc. I believed it would would taste better the day after [which is now], like most soups and chowders do. Hubby liked it yesterday, but that’s typical of Hubby. He’s a blessing because he enjoys everything I make, no matter how I rate it [I’m my most serious critic; are you yours too?].

Yes, miso soup sounds like the perfect fit to satiate my hunger gnawings and protein craving and provide many more nourishing nutrients. 

My soups always differ each time I make them, even if the base is the same, because I am a Creative, perhaps even an amateur cooking artist. I LOVE to make our meals, experiment, photograph, write out and create the recipe and then either blog it or keep it in the file for the recipe book[s] I am going to make/publish [more for gifts for family and ]. I am doubly-blessed because Hubby doesn’t place restrictions on our grocery budget AND he enjoys all my experiments, even the flub-ups!

This miso soup had the organic miso paste base and to that

  • Wild-caught salmon fillet
  • Firm Tofu
  • Frozen peas
  • Onion
  • Spinach
  • Fresh Bean Sprouts
  • Garlic

I prefer to have several kinds of seafood in my miso soup but the salmon fillet was all that was in my freezer today. And sometimes, there’s no seafood at all, just tofu, shallot and a green veggie. 

I won’t share ALL the herbs and flavorings I added; that’s what makes it my unique recipe 🙂

Now, if you would please, return to the top of this post and see the actual photo. One would see soup in a Campbell’s soup cup and rightfully assume it probably is a Campbell’s soup. But, if you know me and my healthy-eating penchant, you would be assured that it would not be Cambell’s soup or probably any commercially-bought soup in that cup in my house because of the ingredients, fat content and artificial ingredients and/or preservatives and because of the exorbitant price one pays for such a small serving of soup. 

I’ve rambled here and without much of any substance. [apology inserted here]. What initially prompted a blog post was when I was actually scooping the soup into the Campbell’s labelled cup and knowing it wasn’t Campbell’s, the Scripture I Samuel 16:7 popped into my mind:

“….for the Lord doesn’t see as man sees, for man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart”

Naturally, that word spoken to my spirit/mind was for me to meditate upon. And I will and I will ask Him to show me why He wanted me to hear it. 

Silly blog post, but it’s before 5:00 AM in the morning and I’ve been up for a few hours.

What thoughts did you have while reading this post today?


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Today I was listening to a broadcast by Anne and Ray Ortlund on Revive Our Hearts .

I simply must share the poem/song, “Lord, Make My Life A Miracle” and let the Holy Spirit minister to you the way He desires. Also, take some time to listen to the broadcast on the link above ‘Revive Our Hearts”.

What is your personal struggle/challenge to believe a miracle could actually take place in or for?

With that in mind, I urge you to make this song very personal, for example, sing it or pray it:

“Lord, make in my marriage a miracle” (I’m praying this one)

“Lord, make in my parenting a miracle”

“Lord, make in my sick body a miracle”

“Lord, make my weight loss struggle a miracle”

“Lord, make in my home a miracle”

“Lord, with my addiction make a miracle”

I’m choosing to believe a miracle for myself in my spoken area and I’m choosing to believe in your miracle too. “Lord we believe, but please help our unbelief”.

Order the book: Lord, Make My Life A Miracle and other books by the Ortlunds

To listen to the song, click the link below.

Lord, Make My Life A Miracle

© 1988 Seedsower Music ASCAP


                     These hands, just ordinary hands

                     Are called upon to meet life’s extraordinary demands

                     These lips could speak the truth in love

                     But all would be in vain unless empowered from above

                     How could I ever hope to make a difference

                     Unless you work a wonder deep within?


                    Lord, make my life, make my life a miracle

                    May Your Spirit be the difference in me

                    I want to live supernaturally

                    Make my life a miracle, Lord, a miracle

                    This mind, teach it through Your Word

                    I need the mind of Christ in this world so distorted and blurred

                   These feet will run to win the prize

                   No stopping on the way for some enticing compromise

                   Jesus in me can make a world of difference

                   Jesus in me – the power of the Lord


                   Melt me, mold me, fill me, use me

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