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I am VERY excited to share this link with you as today is the First day of 8 weeks of online study of the book of Colossians with Good Morning Girls.org!

We are SO very blessed to have all endless online resources to feed our spirit and encourage our Christian growth in the knowledge of Christ for the transformation of our inner being so as to live a life worthy of the Lord and be pleasing to Him.

Without a healthy spirit, I believe our minds and bodies will truly not be as healthy as what they can be. And I for one, certainly desire to honor the Holy Spirit as he resides within this temple. I want to please God. I want to live a life worthy of Him.

If you aren’t yet committed or over-committed in a group for your spiritual encouragement,  I invite you to join this exciting study of the book of Colossians.

Here’s the link for today’s study

And please share your inspirations here in our comments if you join!

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A pregnancy loss is still a Birthday”

Stillbirthday.com is a wonderful sight offering support, encouragement and resources for women and families experiencing pregnancy loss, at any stage, that I highly recommend. Please pass along this website to your women’s groups, church groups, to friends so that others can be comforted and benefit from the resources provided.


In my 2nd year of marriage (1991), I experienced a miscarriage but did not know it until I took a Crisis Pregnancy Center worker training course a year or so later, as it was through the videos that I watched that I realized the image I was viewing on the screen was pretty much the resemblance of a tiny piece of tissue that I had expelled previously.

At the time of that event, I simply had experienced very bad cramps, backache, nausea etc. which for me was much the same as I experienced each month, as I had a debilitating conditions called Endometriosis. Since expelling large clots and tissue was a norm for me, I didn’t think much about it, yet I did examine it out of curiosity. It did not resemble that which I was accustomed to seeing.

No more thought of that event occurred to me until viewing the image on that video and then that realization was startling, as I had two detriments to strongly prevent a pregnancy from ocurring:

1. Endometriosis frequently prevents pregnancy

2. A surgery that I had undergone –  highly reduced the chance of pregnancy to about 1-2%

So to realize that I indeed had been pregnant settled it within me that if I were to ever become pregnant again and carry a baby to term, it certainly would have to be with Divine intervention and probably God’s definite will that I become a mother for that child.

Several years after this, my husband and I had 2 separate opportunities presented to us to adopt newborns. We prayed about it and in each case, responded affirmatively. We named each baby before they were born and one, a little boy, we named Brandon Michael Aaron, we actually got to hold and rock on the day of his birth. Then and there in our hearts, he was our baby. Due to the Law, we were not able to bring him home until day 3 and it was on that day that we received the devastating phone call from the Mother’s  Lawyer saying, ‘do not come; she has changed her mind’.

The letdown, disappointment and sadness was profound and to add to that, the insensitive comment of ‘it’s better that it happened now than if the baby was older’ added a bit more injury.

[We’ve all done it though, haven’t we? We mean well but we’re brain-dead and insensitive when we open our mouths to offer comfort. It’s good to forgive and walk away at those moments].

There were sad events that followed that baby’s early life and that of his older brother and eventually ended in the tragic death of their mother, sending both boys to foster care. But here’s the redemptive glory and mercy of our Compassionate Father God:

Approximately 5 years after we held little Brandon Michael Aaron, we saw him again as part of God’s great and amazing BEST PLAN for him! We were at church and a visiting Francophone pastor from a neighboring community was speaking and his family was with him. A friend who had known about our near-adoption situation shared with us who this couple was, and who their sons actually were: those two little boys were the sons of that Mother who decided to not adopt out her baby boy to us 5 years prior. And what had our loving, compassionate God done? He had given a childless couple a family and he had provided a loving, christian home for 2 young boys in the foster care system!

“And anyone who welcomes a little child like this on my behalf is welcoming me” [Jesus] Matthew 18:5

Talk about the elation and rejoicing in my heart at learning of this marvelous situation. I actually wept with joy. I praised God for that storm we had passed through and thanked Him for His much greater plan for those little boys. It was one of those aha teaching moments: to always trust our Heavenly Father, for what is allowed to enter our lives can be used for our spiritual good and for His greater glory. I do want to continue to live and trust like that, but of course, I don’t do so consistently.

The above personal account is not shared to in anyway bring shame or discomfort to any grieving parent or family. I simply wished to share my own personal pregnancy/miscarriage experience and it was only natural to share about the failed-adoption story as well.

Wishing all the grieving parents and families the compassion of friends and of the community and comfort from our Heavenly Father as you pass through this heart-breaking valley. May StillBirthday.com be a helpful part of your healing  journey.

Recommended Links:

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep – free professional portraiture to parents suffering the loss of a baby

Seeking Purpose and Giving Back – the blog post of Lisa Marie Imagery, who is a volunteer photographer for Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

Online Community Group MSIL – Miscarriage, Stillborn and Infant Loss

When Tragedy Comes To The Just – article and list of helpful things for parents newly grieving the loss of a child

There Must Be A Reason – Song

In Christ’s love, Lori

P.S.: I would be most glad to pray for you in your time of loss and grieving and offer utmost confidentiality to you and yours.

Email: christianhealthcoach@gmail.com

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This photo was taken this morning while I walked my Beagle in a nearby park. I am fascinated by dew drops and enjoy trying to take interesting angles of the drops while on plants.

I began to ponder what a Biblical analogy of dew might be.

“As the dew covers a plant, the plant absorbs the life-giving substance through its leaves, giving it what it needs to survive another day. Without this daily source of water, plants will not endure until the latter rains in the autumn.
From a biblical point of view, what does “dew” mean? Dew is used to refer to blessings, favor, prosperity,
resurrection, long life, and to describe how an army covers the earth.
It can also describe how an eagle covers her young or how God covers His people.
We can see a well-known example in Isaac’s blessing of Jacob in Genesis 27:28:
“Therefore may God give you of the dew of heaven, of the fatness of the earth, and plenty of grain and wine.”

 Personally: I certainly need the life-giving dew of  heaven: His precious Holy Spirit. Otherwise I quickly become a dry and withered soul. I need His refreshment and watering every day, if not every moment.

As dew is the refreshing and invigorating of plants in nature, so is the Holy Spirit my greatest and only source of refreshment and invigoration of my soul and spirit. As plants will quickly wither and dry without moisture (dew/rain), so will my inner spiritual being quickly wither and dry. Thinking on this causes me to turn to John 15:1-16 : The Vine and the Branches

Let us all press into Him to receive that precious nourishment of our souls and infilling of  His Holy Spirit.

More references to dew:

The Dew of Heaven, James Smith 1861

Jewish Encyclopedia, Dew; Biblical Data

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